3 Easy Ways To Improve Your To Do List – And Your Life!

photo credit: tmray02 via photopin cc

photo credit: tmray02 via photopin cc


Modern living can feel like a whirlwind sometimes. Juggling appointments, work, your social life and keeping afloat all at the same time can feel overwhelming, and, let’s face it, in between the avalanche of all these things you need to do, you’re bound to forget a couple. Sometimes they don’t matter, but other times, you’re kicking yourself because you can’t believe that you forgot something so important!

That’s why you need a To Do list. They’re humble, but effective. Sometimes, they’re your best friend, cheerfully reminding you that you need to get your car looked at before that rattling noise really does become something more sinister. Here are three ways you can make that list even more effective:

  • Never forget again – write EVERYTHING down on your list. Now you don’t have to remember – just look! Pretty neat feature – but be sure to keep that list in a place you look often. The fridge is a great place for your to do list!
  • Set priorities – “fixing the gas leak” is a high priority, while “get donuts” is decidedly low priority. Use color coding to determine which tasks on your lists are urgent, and which you could live without.
  • Create timelines – perhaps you have a task that could go on indefinitely, such as “be more vigilant with the housework”.  Your list could be altered to suggest that you spend 20 minutes a day cleaning for a week.

Whether you’re using nothing more than a pen and some paper, or you’ve invested in some awesome To Do software, these three tips will help you to make an efficient list. You will be able to live your life without constantly struggling to remember what you need to do, and when.

That’s the sheer beauty of a good To Do list. It remembers – so you don’t have to!


3 Life Hacks to Help You Kill Procrastination Dead

photo credit: monsieurlam via photopin cc

photo credit: monsieurlam via photopin cc


Procrastination: mortal enemy of productivity and great deeds everywhere. If you do not face the beast and master it, it may one day master you instead. So we’ve compiled a quick list of three life hacks you’ll be able to use to quickly jolt yourself out of the doldrums and back into productivity:


Work in Short, Efficient, Productive Bursts

Working and focusing on the task at hand intensely for 60-90 minutes and then taking a break is a great technique to help you increase your overall productivity. Many times, you’ll find that if you don’t set time limits and deadlines for yourself, you’ll end up wasting time instead of spending it.


Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a small reward in exchange for being productive is a really great way to self-motivate. Buy yourself that concert ticket in exchange for hitting a home run on a particularly difficult project. If you use positive reinforcement over time, it becomes easier and easier to get motivated.


Don’t Forget to Recharge

In between your bursts of productivity, don’t forget to relax and unwind a bit. Stand up, go for a short walk, and stretch your legs. Interjecting a brief bit of physical activity into a long work schedule is a great way to keep your mind fresh and active.

We hope you found these three life hacks for killing procrastination useful. If you’re interested in saving even more time, give a try toboomtodo.com before it’s too late.