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3 Life Hacks to Help You Kill Procrastination Dead

photo credit: monsieurlam via photopin cc

photo credit: monsieurlam via photopin cc


Procrastination: mortal enemy of productivity and great deeds everywhere. If you do not face the beast and master it, it may one day master you instead. So we’ve compiled a quick list of three life hacks you’ll be able to use to quickly jolt yourself out of the doldrums and back into productivity:


Work in Short, Efficient, Productive Bursts

Working and focusing on the task at hand intensely for 60-90 minutes and then taking a break is a great technique to help you increase your overall productivity. Many times, you’ll find that if you don’t set time limits and deadlines for yourself, you’ll end up wasting time instead of spending it.


Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a small reward in exchange for being productive is a really great way to self-motivate. Buy yourself that concert ticket in exchange for hitting a home run on a particularly difficult project. If you use positive reinforcement over time, it becomes easier and easier to get motivated.


Don’t Forget to Recharge

In between your bursts of productivity, don’t forget to relax and unwind a bit. Stand up, go for a short walk, and stretch your legs. Interjecting a brief bit of physical activity into a long work schedule is a great way to keep your mind fresh and active.

We hope you found these three life hacks for killing procrastination useful. If you’re interested in saving even more time, give a try before it’s too late.