How’s that flashy to do app working out for you?

photo credit: Scott Beale via photopin cc

photo credit: Scott Beale via photopin cc


Are you tired of all those apps out there that promise the moon on a stick while they sing and tap-dance across the stage, promising you nothing but the very best, all at your fingertips?

Sure, sounds great, but we’ve all been there. Once you’ve downloaded and installed this wonderful app, it’s just not very good. Generic design, cookie-cutter sound effects and pointless animations aside, just how many touch gestures are you expected to use to simply do anything?

And of course, it’s always YOUR fault that you didn’t manage to accomplish your task. You’re not tech-savvy enough. You don’t know how to use the app because you’re past it.

All you wanted was a to do app – something to help you slay your procrastination dragons. It seems that half the to do apps out there are active participants in it! So you keep moving, trying to find that magic to-do list that will help you to finally accomplish all those tasks.

But by installing and re-installing app after app, you’re just adding to your woes. By excitedly transferring your tasks from each app to another, you’re just reminding yourself how much work you have left to do, and how much you haven’t done.

…and there’s that nagging feeling that you didn’t quite catch all your tasks. Now, which to do app did you leave that thing on again…?

Boomtodo changes this.

The chief problem with to do apps on today’s market is that there’s no penalties. You simply write down your task – whether you’re saving the world or buying milk from the supermarket – and then… well.

There’s no pressure to click the checkmark, and so nothing really gets done.

But that’s all about to change. Introducing…. Boomtodo!

Meet your new to do app, Boomtodo! Unlike all other apps out there, this app forces you to take action. In fact, we’re worse than your mother. Does your mother stop nagging if you don’t make the bed? Your mother might not explode, but she would certainly approve of our methods!

Boomtodo is the same as your nagging mother when it comes to your tasks. We don’t forget because it’s a few days later. We know that you are lazy and forgetful, but we want to help you, so we remind you. Again and again, until you finally say, “Alright! I’ll do it now!”

Boom. It’s done.

Why does Boomtodo work?

It’s pretty simple. This app doesn’t rely on fancy design or the latest effects and animations. Instead, Boomtodo uses nothing more than simple psychology to get you off the couch.

  1. Simple: there’s no uncertainty here. You either do, or don’t do.
  2. Challenge: pit yourself in a race against the clock to complete your to do list – or lose.
  3. Punishment: if you lose, you’re going to have to rewrite your tasks. That’s…kind of tedious.
  4. Fear: if you don’t make it in time, you’ll have to rewrite your to do list, over and over and over again. Your brain hates doing that, and you do too!

Get things done now, before it’s too late.